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Getting a good night sleep is essential, and when neglected, can affect our overall health and well-being. It impacts our productivity and how we function the next day. This is the reason which makes it necessary to have a right bed and a mattress that allows you to have a comfortable sleep and feel fresh the next day. Select Living is here to help you as we provide a great collection of beds in Cardiff.

Our bed categories include Luxury Beds, Deluxe Beds and Ottoman Divan Beds. Visit our website today, and if you have any questions, one of our experienced team members will be more than pleased to provide assistance. They will help you in finding a perfect bed in Cardiff.

Select Living has several years of experience in this industry, and our staff is trained to provide proper support in choosing a perfect bed. We are confident that you will find the bed that meet all your requirements.

Different Sizes of Beds We Offer

1. Single bed

These beds are specifically designed for one person. The normal dimensions of this type are 75″ by 39″. However, it can vary, depending on who is going to use it. In case if you want to fit more than 1 person, it would be not easy. These beds are ideal for those rooms that have limited space, and they are mostly found in guest bedrooms. For a full-grown adult, twin XL beds are slightly longer than the standard single one.

2. Double bed

As the name implies, it is made for two people. However, most people go for this bed type as well, even if they are the only ones using it because it provides more space. The standard dimensions of a double bed are 74″ long and 54″ wide.

3. King bed

The average dimension of this type of bed is 76″ wide by 80″ long. To fit s king size bed you need a room that is large and have enough space to walk around it easily. Placing two twin beds next to each other makes this size of the bed. Many couples who like to have their own space, opt for this type of bed.

4. Super King bed

This bed is one of the largest bed of all sizes as it has dimensions of 72″ wide by 78″ long. This bed takes a lot of space and is best for the larger master bedrooms. With this bed, it means that you will not come into contact with another person all night.

So if you need a new bed for your room, be rest assured that Select Living possesses the perfect ones for you. Our customer support team is available to provide all types of assistance in choosing the right type of bed using their expert knowledge. So, don’t wait and get in touch with us today and get your dream bed at affordable prices. We guarantee the durability and quality of our beds and they are going to last longer without causing any inconveniences.